Local & National Missions

Local, national, and international missions

Local, national, and international missions and church planting are an integral part of who we are as a local church. Over the years we have planted out several churches and sent many teams on short and longer term mission. Opportunity for involvement exists on a number of different levels:

  • Local mission into our immediate community, particularly Windsor East;
  • Short term mission trips to Zimbabwe and Zambia in particular. These trips are usually organized under a COTN Gauteng Cluster initiative;
  • Opportunities to accompany combined teams to other nations with the wider COTN family;
  • Supporting of various initiatives with resources and finances.

As a local church, we support the following missions in different ways:

  • Dave and Carol Cape working in the Caribbean and other parts of the world (http://www.footwasher.net);
  • Johan and Rina Janse van Rensburg in Tajikistan (New Creation is their home church);
  • Catherine Bezold (Fitzpatrick) in Sudan